Founded in September of 2012, Elle Mayo Designs by Dance Roots Etc. is an eclectic hand-crafted jewelry, accessories and home decor design studio specializing in made to order products.

The story began when owner Elle Mayo made an incomplete “L” beaded earring.  That incomplete earring remained in her jewelry box for approximately one year.  A year later after completing a full set of earrings, and upon wearing them, she received great responses.  The rest is, as they say, HERSTORY.

Elle creates products using beads ranging from glass seed and crystal to semi-precious and wood pieces, as well as leather and suede, with a afro bohemian edge.  The metals she uses are made from brass, sterling silver, silver filled, gold plated and gold filled.

Elle Mayo holds a B.S. degree in Fashion Merchandising, and is also the Principal for Dance Roots Etc, a  dance and design production house.  Read more about her dance production company here.

Dora Milaje

Warrior, Large $28

Handpainted wooden and brass earrings, made only for a warrior.

Be Unique, Be Eclectic, Be ELLE